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30-Day Challenge - Marriage Series

30-Day Challenge - Marriage Series

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Take the 30-day Phenomenal You Marriage challenge! This challenge is perfect for new couples or couples who are experiencing difficult times. 

What better way to start off (or over) by removing the baggage that we tend to drag in from past relationships or the new issues that are difficult to overcome. The Phenomenal You - Marriage Series is custom designed according to what you both need to get on, and stay on, the right track to a happy, healthy marriage. 

We will work on healing your inner child, resolving past hurts and disappointments, tearing down the walls that have been built up and causing division in your relationship and then explore what would be the absolute best boosts for you and your loved one to have an incredibly strong, solid foundation to build upon.

This Private Session Series consists of the following:

  • Two RTT Sessions (for each spouse) to uncover and tear down the one major root issue - communication, trust, sex, finance - that is causing breakdown in your marriage and restore balance.
  • Two bespoke (for each spouse) transformational recordings to rewire new beliefs
  • I Am Enough hypnosis boost
  • Choice of one customized hypnosis boost (per person)
  • One shared "Team Player" customized hypnosis boost for both 
  • Email check-ins for continued support

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