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30-Day Challenge - Relationship Series

30-Day Challenge - Relationship Series

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Take the 30-day Phenomenal You Relationship challenge! This challenge is specifically designed for those who are looking for love, companionship and a healthy loving relationship.  The Phenomenal You - Relationship Series catapults you into another level of love and acceptance so that you will attract the perfect one for YOU!

We will work on healing your inner child, revitalize the lovable you, boost your self-confidence, and bring out that side of you that's been waiting to be set free.  This Private Session Series consists of the following:

  • Two RTT Sessions to uncover and let go of old beliefs in the two major area that now holds you back
  • Two bespoke transformational recordings to rewire new beliefs
  • I Am Enough hypnosis boost
  • Loveability hypnosis boost
  • Choice of Attract Your Perfect Relationship, Intimacy Enhanced or create your own personalized hypnosis boost
  • Email check-ins for continued support

$1625 Value if purchased separately